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Cacapon Resort State Park

Cacapon State Park is a long, narrow, 6,000-acre retreat offering golf, fishing, hiking and relaxing. Cacapon Mountain, at 2,300 feet, is the dominant scenic feature within the Park. Hiking, bridle trails, and a road take visitors 1,400 feet to the summit, where large sandstone outcrops and magnificent Valley views await. An observation platform offers a panoramic view of four states: Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

For more information visit or call (304) 258-1022


Ice Mountain Preserve

Probably the Watershed’s best known natural curiosity is Ice Mountain along North River, and the rare plant community that lives there.  Here, ice accumulates in the winter deep beneath a layer of coarse sandstone boulders on the steep slope of a ridge.  The boulders help insulate the ice in the spring and summer, when cool air emerges from holes among the rocks supporting plants typically found much farther north, such as prickly rose and twinflower.

Recently designated as a National Natural Landmark, the preserve is owned and managed by the Nature Conservancy. The preserve is open to the public for guided visitation most of the year, and visitors are asked to reserve a trip (usually held on Saturdays) three weeks to a month in advance. To minimize impact, groups are limited to 15 participants.

For more information, visit the Ice Mountain Preserve website.

To schedule a tour call (304) 496-7359 or click here.


Edwards Run Wildlife Management Area
WVDNR District 2

This 397-acre public area is located on Cold Stream Road (County Route 15) near Capon Bridge. White-tailed deer, turkey, quail, squirrel, rabbit, and grouse hunting opportunities are available* in the Wildlife Management Area. A section of Edwards Run and a 2-acre lake are open for fishing and stocked with trout. A primitive camping area, pit toilets, and trash receptacles are provided. A nominal camping fee is required by the WVDNR. 

For information call (304) 822-3551 or visit the WVDNR website.

*must have valid hunting or fishing license


Tuscorora Trail

The West Virginia section of the Tuscorora Trail is part of a 250-mile four-state, side branch of the Appalachian Trail extending from near Harrisburg, PA to Luray, VA. It was originally constructed as a rural alternate for the Appalachian Trail. The southern section starting in Morgan County, WV, was initially called the Big Blue Trail, but in 1995 the entire trail was renamed Tuscorora.


George Washington National Forest

The Forest hosts 1 million acres of publicly held forestland with vast and varied recreational opportunities.  The Cacapon River Watershed (Lee Ranger District) contains the northern most portion of the George Washington National Forest.  The George Washington and Jefferson National Forests together cover 1.8 million acres and form one of the largest areas of public land in the eastern United States.

For information call the Lee Ranger District at (540) 984-4101 or visit the George Washington National Forest website.


Shale Barrens

Shale barrens -- which occur in small numbers throughout the valleys of the Cacapon, Lost, and North Rivers - are very dry environments on steep, south-facing slopes of shale.  Because of extremely droughty conditions, they support only a few stunted and gnarled trees and even herbs and grass might be scarce.  Naturalists prize shale barrens because of the plants that are known only from these dry barrens.  Among these endemics, the shale barren evening-primrose, Greene’s hawkweed, shale barren goldenrod, mountain pimpernel, shale barren ragwort and the very unusual Kates Mountain clover are all found in the Cacapon River Watershed.


Short Mountain Wildlife Management Area
WVDNR District 2

Containing 8,005 acres and situated just off Augusta-Ford Hill Road (County Route 7), this WMA provides six primitive camp sites, is a bird watchers haven, and allows public hunting* for turkey, deer, squirrel, and ruffed grouse. One-half mile of North River crosses the southern portion and is stocked with trout. A nominal camping fee is charged by the WVDNR. 

For information call (304) 822-3551 or visit the WVDNR website.

*must have valid hunting or fishing license


Lost River State Park

The Park contains 3,712 acres including 26 rental cabins, a swimming pool, game courts, playgrounds, riding stables and miles of hiking trails.   Hike to “Cranny Crow” and enjoy the spectacular view from a 3,200 ft elevation.

For more information visit or call (304) 897-5372.



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